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Thanks to our experience and continuous partnership with industry leaders, we detect unsolved challenges and needs unmet by the market. At Onyriq, we develop new, easily industrialized polymers and processes to solve those problems in a technical and economically feasible way.

We can transfer our technology in the best way to meet your capabilities, sector and development maturity. Our transfer models include adaptation, co-development and licensing/royalties.

Circular economy & sustainability


Omniphobic fluorine-free coating solutions

Sustainable alternative to current hazardous PFAS-based coatings.

High water and oil repellency (>140º contact angles), long-term durability and transparency. Suitable for porous and non-porous substrates.

Circular economy & sustainability


Fully recyclable epoxy resins

Novel recyclable epoxy systems alternative to current non-recyclable thermoset composites

Recovery of starting monomers, undamaged fibers (short, long and mat) and additives in a closed loop water-based process.

Health & medical devices


Antimicrobial surfaces platform

Highly durable covalently bonded surface functionalization with no metal ion release.

Wide spectrum and highly effective activity on diverse substrates, even those with low surface energy.

Circular economy & sustainability


Chemical upcycling of polyolefins

Upcycling of discarded polyolefin fraction waste into high value dicarboxylic acids.

Low temperature and short reaction time energy efficient process with no organic solvents leading to new feedstock monomers that replace fossil resources.

Circular economy & sustainability


Water and oil repellent biodegradable coating

Bio-based water and grease resistant coating maintaining the recyclability and compostability of cellulosic substrates

Non-toxic and biodegradable biopolymer suitable for food contact with good film and barrier properties.

Additive manufacturing


Spherical polymer powders for 3D printing

Innovative process to obtain currently non-available polymer materials in powder format for 3D printing.

Versatile and scalable procedure for different hardness polymers with high yield.

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Our transfer models include adaptation,

co-development and licensing/royalties.

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